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So, I am sitting here at Youthful Dragon reflecting on the last 6 months. I did it, I have my own practice, its open, its working and its real. That's cool...

My first thoughts go to all the people in my life that made this dream possible. If your reading this, you know who you are and you have my humble and heartfelt gratitude for all of your support, hard work and encouragement.

Whats next...

On to bigger things... I see Youthful Dragon growing into an awesome mulit-modality clinic...so watch this space.

My vision is to facilitate a higher awareness of clients health, promoting their optimal Health, Vitality and Ageless Beauty.
At Youthful Dragon I am creating a team of therapists who will be dedicated and excel in their chosen fields and are passionate about inspiring a natural, simplistic yet sustainable life focused on wellness.

One of the keystones of this is our focus on Ageless Beauty, the concept that your outward appearance can reflect your inner radiance, through a face that tells the story of your life. To plagiarise one of my teachers, "We are changing the face of aging."

I will be writing more blogs on these topics and many others. I will also be collaberating with other natural therapists to share their knowledge and wisdom with you.

So, for now, this my first attempt is but a brief glimpse of the interesting information coming your way.
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Until next time...
Allen @ Youthful Dragon